It’s the Eve of Christmas Eve. I’m sitting in the front row at church and my 12 year old son is laying his head in my lap. I am thinking how much I love him and how I told him yesterday that he could try going off his ADHD meds over Christmas Break. There were a few times (ok, more than a few) yesterday when I seriously wondered if I was doing the right thing. There are side effects when he is not on his meds and I shared with him and the rest of the family that we needed to take it easy on him for the next few days, because frankly speaking, Paul can really get on everyone’s nerves when he is not on his meds. He acts goofy, moody and is extremely unfocused. Just being real here. But I also know that his brain works differently than those of us that don’t have ADHD. It’s easy to forget that when you are thoroughly frustrated. I’ve done plenty of research and I know it’s not just as plain an simple as ‘snapping out of it.’

So this is day 2. My daughter mentioned that she thought Paul was doing pretty good. I’m still having mixed feelings…..what will it be like when he goes back to school? Will I need to put him back on his meds? Am I a bad mom if I do? Believe me, I’ve tried all of the special diets and natural remedies out there. I just wish one of them worked as good as ADHD medicine.

For the time being, I am going to enjoy my energetic, creative, loving, and helpful 12 year old during the next 2 weeks because he truly is a blessing and I love him more than anything.